Micro Nano Bubbles


Why Micro-Nano-Bubble of Ozone?

1. 10 μm MBs rise only 20 cm in 1 h
2. Increased contact area –
3. 20 μm MB contracts and under 10 μm, it contracts rapidly and disappears – NIKUNI: 3-9 μm
4.Bubbles larger than 65 μm will expand further –  Mazzei:  100 μm bubble size
5. As the surface of MNB is charged negatively, it shows that there is no possibility of coalescence,
6. Much longer half-time in comparison with Ozone injected using Venturi. For Micro-Bubbles: hours; for Nanobubbles: months
7. No lost Ozone. No necessity to use Ozone destructors
8. High concentration of Hydroxyl Radicals – possibility to destroy chemicals Ozone resistant

Increased Contact Area

Example:Abubble with a diameter of 2mm can be divided into one trillion (1012) bubbles with a diameter of 0.2 microns.  Contact area will increase from 12.56mm2 to 125,600mm2, a 10,000x increase.


Increased Ozone-Water Mixture

Pesticides reduction