Our technology

Laundry Industry

  1. Ramada Inn – a hotel in New Jersey – reports savings of 40% ($4,245.-/year) on water and sewer charges, $ 4,300.-/year on Natural Gas for heating and 54% ($ 4,380.-/year) on detergents. The investment return depends greatly on the number of washing machines, because one ozone system can serve one or many machines. It was reported that even with just one laundry machine the investment return was very good.
  2. Marriott hotels – at two locations: “Water use was reduced by 80%, chemicals reduced by more than 90%, laundering time reduced by 40%, and heating energy savings are 100%. The linen shows no staining and no bacterial reading, “better than ever before”.
  3. Beachcomber hotel in Hawaii reports $ 150,000.- savings per year with $ 99,000.- installed cost of ozone system.