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MNB for Agriculture

1. Oxygen and Air Micro-Nano-Bubble water solution promote the growth of plants, fishes, sea food, poultry, etc
2. Ozonated MNB water for produce processing – increased shelf life and allows to wash out pesticides
3. Washing of food processing lines using ozonated water allows to clean and disinfect equipment, tools and rooms
4. Ozone in MNB injected to wastewater allows to treat
efficiently wastewater, disinfect and reuse water
5. Fats, oils, grease and solids removed using ozonated water are not polluted with chemicals

Plants grow promotion

Lettuce grow – 14 days
Applications of MNB to agriculture
• Hydroponics culture systems
• Ginseng hydroponics culture
• Oak mushroom culture
• Bean sprout culture
• Pesticide-free crops production
• Seeds disinfection
• Surface disinfection of cut
vegetables and fruits
• Disinfection of used inorganic
culture media

Faster and cheaper plants grow

Send oxygen right to the roots

Faster vegetables grow with MNB water

Poultry farming with Air/Oxygen MNB

In one chicken farm in Canada, the loss of birds reduced from 3-5% to 0.5-2% annually due to infections after installing the system with drinking water with MNB. The feed conversion has been improved up to 14 percent. Indoor ammonia concentration was reduced from 60 ppm to about 2 ppm. Uric acid in the manures increased between 2.2 and 3.1 times.

Increased shelf life – Organic Certified

Ozonated Water Generator
Strawberry after 3 weeks in refrigerator
Right side – washed 3 minutes in ozonated water 4ppm of Ozone MNB