Micro Nano Bubbles

MNB Applications

  1. Using Ozone in MNB we can save costs of oxidation because of high Hydroxyl Radicals OH* oxidizing potential
  2. Ultrafine bubbles of Ozone injection allows to use 100% of Ozone and to protect against Ozone discharge to atmosphere
  3.  Injecting Ozone in MNB we can treat chemicals which are not possible to destroy using conventional coarse bubbles bigger than 50 microns
  4.  Micro-Nano-Bubble of Ozone are stable hours and days depends on Nano-Bubbles generation system. More fine MNB means longer time of ozonated water use for oxidation


  • Ozone can be used to kill antibiotic-resistant super bugs found in hospitals
  • A host of hospital-acquired infections, including a strain of bacterium that is resistant to many types of antibiotics can be eliminated by using ozone.
  • A typical decontamination cycle consists of three phases in a one-step process: humidification to 70–80%; decontamination, where the ozone vapour concentration increases rapidly to 8–25ppm and is maintained at an optimum biocidal level by the ozone generator; and aeration.

MNB for Agriculture

  1. Oxygen and Air Micro-Nano-Bubble water solution promote the growth of plants, fishes, sea food, poultry, etc
  2. Ozonated MNB water for produce processing – increased shelf life and allows to wash out pesticides
  3. Washing of food processing lines using ozonated water allows to clean and disinfect equipment, tools and rooms
  4. Ozone in MNB injected to wastewater allows to treat efficiently wastewater, disinfect and reuse water
  5. Fats, oils, grease and solids removed using ozonated water are not polluted with chemicals