Ozonated Water Applications in Poland

Delivered to Australia from Poland

  • Food washing in
  • Micro-Nano-Bubble
  • ozonated water

Ozonated Water for fruits/vegetable washing  4 years under operation

  • Ozone Generator + NWTMNB Generator pump = great mass transfer of O3
  • (20wt%) by Micro and Nano-Bubbles
  • great removal of yeast, mold, bacteria and pesticides
  • treatment of recycled water: BOD and SS reductions
  • enhance the freshness of washed fruits/vegetables and prolongation of shelf life
  • reuse of technological water – same water 6 months for apple washing

Apple washing using ozonated water – 8 ppm, open washing tanks

Guaranteed 90 days „zero” microbiology during storage

Apple washing and packaging