Our Company Motto

In harmony with nature

In a growing world, it is increasingly more necessary to treat
municipal and industrial wastewaters using environmentally
green technologies. Current technologies often employ man-
made chemicals as the primary treatment agent, but there are
growing concerns and problems associated with the residual
effects of putting more chemicals in wastewater. Displacing
these chemicals with economic, environmentally friendly
processes offers a significant market opportunity
We are a leading Polish engineering company providing design, production,installation and full implementation of unique and innovative water technologies and systems integration services.
We offer the highest quality of our equipment and services, guaranteed by multidisciplinary expertise, experience and cooperation with leading equipment manufacturers.
Thanks to our wide R&D projects, we continuously improve our products all time working closely with top universities in Poland and abroad.
We have a broad experience in technology transfer Our ability to create joint ventures with our most valuable partners enables full transfer of our know-how and creation of local production and R&D centres.